January 26, 2012

Happy Hour: The Rum Vieux Carré

by Fredo Ceraso

Let’s face it, mid-winter is almost upon us and there is not a ground hog is sight. It is getting downright tundra cold out there and Mother Nature is sure to unleash a deep freeze. Some say one should think of a warm place like a tropical island when winter’s freeze is cutting through your […]

September 21, 2011

Happy Hour: Vermouth 101: The Martinez (The Grand Daddy of Cocktails)

by Fredo Ceraso

PREFACE Vermouth 101: The Old Hickory +++ Well now that you have an appetite inducing “qualifying round” under the belt, time to move to the first course. When it comes to vermouth cocktails, the next logical step in expanding ones appreciation of what the spirit can do is to go back to the beginning. In […]

September 7, 2011

Happy Hour: Vermouth 101: The Old Hickory

by Fredo Ceraso

A lounger pal of mine recently coined the term “qualifying round” to rationalize why going out for just one cocktail never happens. Who could just order one drink and leave their favorite cocktail bar? It is akin to ducking out mid conversation! To address this issue, his policy is to order one drink to set […]

May 25, 2011

Happy Hour: Rainforest Cobbler

by Payman Bahmani

It feels good to return to normalcy (read proper hydration) now that the Manhattan Cocktail Classic (read Manhattan Hangover Classic) has concluded. For myself and the other Bar Fellows of this year’s cocktail classic, normalcy took a bit longer to reach, as we were in the Astor Center Kitchen 12 hours a day prepping and […]

March 30, 2011

Happy Hour: March Cocktails: Out Like a Lambs Club

by Fredo Ceraso

“Floreant Agni” (May the Lambs Flourish) – Motto of the original Lambs theatre club The month of March is supposed to end like a Lamb but Mother Nature is not playing nice–it is still 30ËšF outside! Nevertheless, this week’s cocktail captures winter’s last stand and book ends the month quite nicely! The Lambs Club Cocktail […]

February 4, 2011

Umamiventure #31: Sutton Cellars Vermouth Lab (SF)

by Kayoko Akabori

All photos by Yoko Kumano unless otherwise specified. On a warm, sunny day in San Francisco, 23 guests and I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Sutton Cellars Winery for an afternoon Vermouth Class, where we learned about its history, evolution, production methods, and different taste profiles and components. The man behind the podium (er, […]

January 11, 2011

SOLD OUT!: Umamiventure #31: Sutton Cellars Vermouth Lab (SF)

by Kayoko Akabori

Updated 1/28, 9am PST: THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for February’s Umamiventure! Updated 1/28, 9am PST: THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for February’s Umamiventure! When I first read about Carl Sutton’s vermouth in the NY Times last year, I was immediately intrigued. Now, we’re in the Bay Area, where the wine […]

December 22, 2010

Happy Hour: Cielo de Jalisco

by Payman Bahmani

I really wanted to do a special Christmassey cocktail for you all but in the end I couldn’t really get my mental mojo into it– sorry, folks. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed the special feeling the season invokes despite being an avowed atheist. I think I’m like most people in that sense, who […]

December 15, 2010

Happy Hour: Remember the Maine

by Payman Bahmani

“… just as there is no such thing as a 1/2-good girl there is no such animal as a 1/2-good drink.  A mixed drink is either made correctly out of correct stuff: good; or it’s La Bebida Piojosa (lousy drink). Even a homely gal can, with cunningly-employed paint, powder, patches, rouge-pots, whale-bone and falsies, fool […]

October 20, 2010

Happy Hour: Return from the Dead!

by Payman Bahmani

Our Editor has named “death” as the theme for the remainder of October here on Umamimart, and it’s quite fitting because for most readers death is an apt description of the state of the Happy Hour column. As some of you know I haven’t written in over a month, having started a sabbatical to begin […]