July 6, 2012

The PDT Project: Aperol Spritz

by Payman Bahmani

It’s 95ËšF right now in Brooklyn and my air conditioner is busted, so the timing for this refreshing drink couldn’t be any better. Like the Americano highball I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, the Aperol Spritz fills the role when the weather is scorching and you want something simple, refreshing, and light enough […]

June 22, 2012

The PDT Project: Americano Highball

by Payman Bahmani

With the Summer Solstice having just passed, we are officially in the picnic days as they call it. And I am officially in summer mode, which makes the Americano the perfect drink to talk about because when the dog days of summer arrive, you will need a simple form of refreshment that can be delivered […]

June 6, 2012

Happy Hour: Manhattan Cocktail Classic 2012 Recap

by Fredo Ceraso

“Now, alcohol makes a big man small and can lead to life of crime. Drinking rum makes you skin-and-bone, and you cash in before your time. Bootleg gin for your Mickey Finn till you don’t even know your name. You’re a basket case right on your face, there’s only one guy to blame. Oh Mister […]

February 28, 2012

Happy Hour: The Boulevardier

by Fredo Ceraso

“Made of Win” Bourbon is one of my favorite spirits to make and drink cocktails. Sadly, it is not used in many pre-Prohibition recipes due to rye whisky’s popularity during the golden age of cocktails. After Repeal, bourbon gained popularity as it became more available but was often just substituted for rye whisky in the […]

November 3, 2010

Happy Hour: Rikuo Cocktail

by Payman Bahmani

Sometimes I hear or read about something while going about my every day business and it inspires me to hit my liquor cabinet and create something. Sometimes it’s the other way around, where I’m playing around with different spirits and ingredients and I come across a combination I really enjoy. In the case of the […]

July 14, 2010

Culinography: Campari Soda in the Holy Land

by Erin Gleeson

Campari Soda is the perfect summer drink, especially when you’re sweltering in the Middle East like I am right now! The bottle suggests you mix 2/3 Campari to 1/3 soda water, which I think is undrinkable. (I mean, I like bitter, but come on!) A jigger of Campari, a bunch of ice and fill your […]

August 5, 2009

Happy Hour: The Americano

by Payman Bahmani

I am, I must admit, a Negroni man through and through. As far as cocktails go, the Negroni is probably the closest a libation comes to inducing what smokers refer to as the “munchies”–in other words it’s a monster of an aperitif. Yet despite its simple and to the point manner, in these dog days […]