Manhattan Cocktail Classic

June 6, 2012

Happy Hour: Manhattan Cocktail Classic 2012 Recap

by Fredo Ceraso

“Now, alcohol makes a big man small and can lead to life of crime. Drinking rum makes you skin-and-bone, and you cash in before your time. Bootleg gin for your Mickey Finn till you don’t even know your name. You’re a basket case right on your face, there’s only one guy to blame. Oh Mister […]

June 1, 2011

Happy Hour: MCC Recap (And Behind the Scenes)

by Payman Bahmani

Like a whirlwind, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic came and went in a flash, leaving a trail of devastation and destruction in its wake. Except in this case the damage wasn’t in the form of homes and property, but rather brain cells and livers. After many many jamba juices and wheatgrass shots, full recovery was finally […]