July 12, 2013

Super Faminto VIDEO: Umami Baby Zac + Brazilian Baby Food

by Bryan Sanders

Zac was born at the end of last year, so for the last eight months CH and I have been super busy being (can I say awesome?) parents. We do our best and as a result he seems to really like us, the rest of the family, and pretty much anyone or thing we pass […]

August 9, 2012

The Street: Maracuja (Passion Fruit)

by Yoko Kumano

Spending two weeks in Brazil the middle of the Umami Mart build-out was a bit disorienting. But the abundance of tropical fruits on street stalls, in the grocery store and in fancy restaurants forced me forget about home and embrace the fact that I was living amongst wild coconut trees and bossa nova. As a […]

July 26, 2012

Postcard from Rio de Janeiro: Romeo + Juliet

by Yoko Kumano

A common dessert in Brazil called “Romeo and Juliet” comprised of goiabada (guava paste) and Minas cheese. The contrast of the sweet guava and the subtle and slightly savory Minas was a winning combination. Easily one of the best dessert finds during my trip; quintessentially Brazilian.

March 13, 2012

Super Faminto: Naengmyeon (Chilly Korean Noodles)

by Bryan Sanders

São Paulo has the second largest Japanese population outside of Japan (about 650,000+), but since my arrival here I’ve been pretty bummed by the lack of good Japanese restaurants. Thank God for the Koreans! Koreans immigrated to SP with promises that Brazil was the country of the future — and Brazil still strives towards this dream. […]

June 17, 2011

Super Faminto: Gracinha’s Feijoada-Lite (São Paulo)

by Bryan Sanders

With the in-laws away in Paris, my sister-in-law, grandma, house chef Gracinha, and dog-in-law Pri (short for Princess or Priscilla, still not sure) have come to stay with us. The opportunity was ripe to finally ask Gracinha to show me her feijoada-lite recipe. I wrote about feijoada last year, as it’s Brasil’s national dish. Feijoada […]

March 18, 2011

Super Faminto: Preparing for Lent: Carnaval in Rio + Paraty

by Bryan Sanders

Carnaval is just complete madness. People running around, eating, dancing, shaking it, getting it on, peeing on church walls, and swapping spit. It’s hot. The music is loud, samba is blaring, and you are pretty much forced to like it. It’s like sex. This is CARNAVAL. Carnaval is to get all of the world’s sins […]

September 10, 2010

Fridgin’ Out: In Search of Kimchi (São Paulo)

by Bryan Sanders

My wife and I moved to São Paulo a few months ago. Now that we’re here, I realize what it takes to get situated: mountains of documents, waking up at 4am to stand in line, passport translation, a whole lot of bureaucracy, and patience. After the document pile-up game, we’ve finally found our own apartment. […]