March 13, 2012

Super Faminto: Naengmyeon (Chilly Korean Noodles)

by Bryan Sanders


São Paulo has the second largest Japanese population outside of Japan (about 650,000+), but since my arrival here I’ve been pretty bummed by the lack of good Japanese restaurants.

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February 17, 2012

Great UM Noodletown: Naengmyeon @ Sura (OAK)

by Kayoko


I love the pucker-your mouth tartness of naengmyeon–cold buckwheat noodles with cucumbers, hard-boiled egg and pickled Asian pears, doused in a chilled vinegar broth.

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February 2, 2009

Five Faces of My Favorite Food

by Sonja

Nengmyun or naengmyeon, meaning “cold noodles.” Originally North Korean, to be eaten in the winter. They’re made of buckwheat and in a slushy beef broth base, slightly sweet and tangy.

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