SF Bay

June 3, 2010

Japanify: Tsuyu (Soba Dipping Sauce)

by Yoko Kumano

Cold noodles are one of the best things about the summer. My favorite cold noodles are soba noodles. When it’s hot outside and steaming rice sounds like the last thing I want to do, I can always rely on soba noodles. But there have been more than a few times that I find that my […]

May 20, 2010

Japanify: Lazyass Wafu Salad with Wasabi-Yuzu Dressing

by Yoko Kumano

The idea of a salad at many Japanese restaurants in America is some iceberg lettuce, julliened carrots and a cherry tomato (if your lucky) – topped with a creamy, sesame dressing. I can say that I am sometimes a fan of this combination, but it’s really not the kind of salad you will ever see […]

May 17, 2010

Heads Up – Umamiventure #25: Knife Sharpening Workshop at Hida Tool & Hardware (Berkeley)

by Yoko Kumano

I owe much of my knife sharpening knowledge to the folks at Hida Tool & Hardware in Berkeley. So when a few people emailed me about wanting to learn more about sharpening knives, and/or purchasing a hocho, I thought it would make sense for me to bring those people with me to Hida Tool & […]