April 22, 2013

The Forest Feast: Pear Pancakes

by Erin Gleeson

Even though it’s starting to become spring, it’s still cold in some parts!  We were recently in NYC and since Jonathan’s family has a house in Vermont, we took a group of friends there for the weekend. We cooked big meals together, played snow football and spent evenings by the fire. (It’s kind of like […]

March 25, 2013

The Forest Feast: Matzo Brei Scallion Pancakes

by Erin Gleeson

Happy Passover, everyone! Matzo Brei is a traditional Jewish dish that is made during Passover, which runs through next Tuesday, April 2nd. The recipe calls for eggs and matzo cracker. It’s often sweetened with cinnamon and sugar, but I made a savory version with scallions. I also added some green garlic that came in the CSA box […]

February 15, 2011

Old School Eats: Du-par’s (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

Diners provide a gastronomic touchstone for family weekend breakfasts, drunken all-nighters, road trip pit stops and business meetings. Du-par’s is no exception. This family owned diner chain has had a presence in Southern California for the past 73 years, and has always held a good reputation for its house-made baked goods, and accommodating 24-hour service. […]

January 6, 2009

Okonomiyaki Takoyaki Party

by Moto Yamamoto

Happy New Year! 2009 doesn’t look different from 2008 at all. I thought about cutting back 1. smoking, 2. boozing, 3. eating, plus adding exercise into my daily routine, but already failed all of them, or wait, I didn’t even try. It’s still in my head, thinking I will be able to accomplish them some […]

December 2, 2008

Pancake Grillin’ Osaka Style

by Kayoko Akabori

One of my most memorable meals in Japan- okonomiyaki, negiyaki, omuyakisoba, and a luscious creation called “tonpei”, in Osaka. Wiki says that the okonomiyaki originated in Osaka, and has been interpreted in different ways throughout Japan. It’s basically a cabbage pancake filled with another meat or shellfish. In Osaka, we went to a reputable place […]