February 25, 2013

The Forest Feast: Hamentashen for Purim

by Erin Gleeson

Jonathan’s brother and his wife Arielle came to visit last weekend from New York. The weather was gorgeous so we did a little late afternoon baking on the deck with a glass of wine!

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November 6, 2012

MOTOism: Raisinwich is the New Macaron

by Moto Yamamoto

I don’t know about what’s going on in your city, but these days, NYC is filled with macaron shops.

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May 20, 2011

Super Faminto: The Cookie Shop Brings More Than Just Cookies (São Paulo)

by Bryan Sanders


After getting canned without reason, the day after her maternity leave was up, Paula Cinini was not sure what to do; she had always worked as a journalist.

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November 9, 2010

Slightly Peckish: Lyons Biscuits and Cakes

by Sakura Gooneratne

Slightly Peckish: Lyons 1

Lyons used to operate teahouses all over England in the early 20th century, only to begin shutting them down in the 1980s.

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March 30, 2009

Kumquat Cookies – Signs of Adulthood

by Moto Yamamoto

I was a cake decorator last week, and I went out in drag this weekend.

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February 3, 2009

An Umami Mart First: HOSPITAL FOOD

by Kayoko Akabori

As my introductory post, I would like to tread upon virgin Umami Mart territory… DUN DUN DUN… *HOSPITAL FOOD*!

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December 15, 2008

Holiday Cookie Decorating Party

by Moto Yamamoto

Every year around this time, I am in Japan for half business and half vacation. But this year’s financial crisis has hit my work pretty badly, and my travel budget got cut.

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August 27, 2008

Yamahomo Brand Launching

by Moto Yamamoto

What do you think? I made raisin-wiches last night. These are quite famous in Japan. The cookie is almost similar to short bread, and cream consists of Italian meringue, butter, and plump raisins.

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