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May 2, 2012

Happy Hour: The Expatriate

by Fredo Ceraso

The Kentucky Derby unites classic fashion style, 19th century cocktails, gambling, and an age-old sport of kings in a quintessentially American event. The fellows suited up in seersucker, ladies in elegant straw hats, red and white colors abound, as do bourbon mint juleps in icy beaded silver tins. Crowds lining the ground and grandstand making 20:1 […]

April 3, 2012

Happy Hour: The Westie Cocktail

by Fredo Ceraso

“The [Westies are the] most savage organization in the long history of New York street gangs.” – Rudolph Giuliani, former Mayor of New York Hyperbole aside, The Westies were a notorious gang of mostly Irish wise guys that ran the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood on the Westside of Manhattan from the 1960s until the late 80s. […]

February 28, 2012

Happy Hour: The Boulevardier

by Fredo Ceraso

“Made of Win” Bourbon is one of my favorite spirits to make and drink cocktails. Sadly, it is not used in many pre-Prohibition recipes due to rye whisky’s popularity during the golden age of cocktails. After Repeal, bourbon gained popularity as it became more available but was often just substituted for rye whisky in the […]

January 26, 2012

Happy Hour: The Rum Vieux Carré

by Fredo Ceraso

Let’s face it, mid-winter is almost upon us and there is not a ground hog is sight. It is getting downright tundra cold out there and Mother Nature is sure to unleash a deep freeze. Some say one should think of a warm place like a tropical island when winter’s freeze is cutting through your […]

December 23, 2011

Happy Hour: Tom + Jerry, The Original Winter Cocktail

by Fredo Ceraso

Winter is coming. The leaves are long gone; stark bare branches and the increasing chill in the air are all that remain of autumn. The sun’s attempts to warm its subjects get undermined by the biting wind. Perfect time to duck into your favorite watering hole and defrost with a winter libation. Keeping with my […]

October 26, 2011

Happy Hour: Autumn Cocktail: The Rusty Nail Redux

by Fredo Ceraso

PREFACE Happy Hour: Rusty Nail (By Paystyle; February 2010) +++ Many years ago, when I embarked on a journey to learn about the Rusty Nail, I went right to a few local dive bars. I believed the hype. Naturally, a Rusty Nail could only truly be enjoyed in an establishment with peeling paint and New […]

October 12, 2011

Happy Hour: Autumn Cocktails: Harvest Moon Buck with Becherovka

by Fredo Ceraso

Summer seems to be lingering around with above average temperatures during the day and then retreating in the evenings as the air becomes chilled. How does one seasonally imbibe during this confusing cross over? Should one go straight to boozy and mix a Manhattan or remain in summer mode with light effervescent drinks such as […]

September 21, 2011

Happy Hour: Vermouth 101: The Martinez (The Grand Daddy of Cocktails)

by Fredo Ceraso

PREFACE Vermouth 101: The Old Hickory +++ Well now that you have an appetite inducing “qualifying round” under the belt, time to move to the first course. When it comes to vermouth cocktails, the next logical step in expanding ones appreciation of what the spirit can do is to go back to the beginning. In […]

September 7, 2011

Happy Hour: Vermouth 101: The Old Hickory

by Fredo Ceraso

A lounger pal of mine recently coined the term “qualifying round” to rationalize why going out for just one cocktail never happens. Who could just order one drink and leave their favorite cocktail bar? It is akin to ducking out mid conversation! To address this issue, his policy is to order one drink to set […]

March 30, 2011

Happy Hour: March Cocktails: Out Like a Lambs Club

by Fredo Ceraso

“Floreant Agni” (May the Lambs Flourish) – Motto of the original Lambs theatre club The month of March is supposed to end like a Lamb but Mother Nature is not playing nice–it is still 30ËšF outside! Nevertheless, this week’s cocktail captures winter’s last stand and book ends the month quite nicely! The Lambs Club Cocktail […]