Autumn Cocktails

October 11, 2013

Happy Hour: The Affinity, Your New Fall Cocktail

by Fredo Ceraso

Affinity: a liking for or an attraction to something. I discovered this long-lost cocktail one cold October day, thanks to my friend and barman Maxwell Britten during his tenure manning Freeman’s backroom bar in New York City. The leaves were swirling on this windy, chilly afternoon, and I was downtown. I sauntered down the namesake […]

October 26, 2011

Happy Hour: Autumn Cocktail: The Rusty Nail Redux

by Fredo Ceraso

PREFACE Happy Hour: Rusty Nail (By Paystyle; February 2010) +++ Many years ago, when I embarked on a journey to learn about the Rusty Nail, I went right to a few local dive bars. I believed the hype. Naturally, a Rusty Nail could only truly be enjoyed in an establishment with peeling paint and New […]

October 12, 2011

Happy Hour: Autumn Cocktails: Harvest Moon Buck with Becherovka

by Fredo Ceraso

Summer seems to be lingering around with above average temperatures during the day and then retreating in the evenings as the air becomes chilled. How does one seasonally imbibe during this confusing cross over? Should one go straight to boozy and mix a Manhattan or remain in summer mode with light effervescent drinks such as […]