Oaktown Spice Shop

January 21, 2016

Matcha Salt – It’s Like Green Gold Dust

by Umami Mart Staff

We quickly sold out of these jars of Matcha Salt during the holidays. No surprise, because this stuff is like gold – green gold! A sprinkle can finish and elevate a dish with earthy umami flavor. We recently replenished our supply of Matcha Salt, which are made just for us by our friends at Oaktown Spice […]

December 6, 2013

Holiday Shopping at Umami Mart!

by Kayoko Akabori

Hello dear Umami Mart readers and loyal devotees! Holiday season is among us and I hope you are all geared up for a month of lame office parties, drawn-out family dinners and awful white elephant gift exchanges. Nah, it’s not that bad, right? If there’s ever a time of year when it’s ok to be […]

November 13, 2013

Event Recap: Umami in Spice with Oaktown Spice Shop

by Melissa Gordon

U M A M I: What is it? What does it taste like? Is it Japanese cartoon character? We get a lot of inquiries about the definition and concepts of umami at our Oakland shop, so we decided to team up with John over at Oaktown Spice Shop to host an event called “Umami in Spice”, […]

September 10, 2013

Upcoming Event: Umami in Spice with Oaktown Spice Shop

by Kayoko Akabori

UPDATE: A SECOND CLASS HAS BEEN ADDED!  Wednesday 9/25 at 7:30pm. This will be the same class as the one on Monday. Get your tix here! We are extremely excited to co-host an event with Oaktown Spice Shop. All about U M A M I ! Ever wonder what exactly umami is, or what it […]