April 20, 2017

The Ubiquitous Kamenoko Tawashi Has a Fascinating Backstory

by Sarah Han

The Kamenoko Tawashi is one of the most ubiquitous household cleaning tools in Japan. Invented in 1907, these durable handmade scrub brushes are used to clean pots and pans, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, floors, dirty boots, and anything else that can use a heavy-duty scrubbing. Aside from its functionality, this iconic Japanese scrubber has a fascinating backstory: Its origin arose from a […]

April 14, 2017

Simple, But Special: Lacquered Bamboo Chopsticks

by Umami Mart Staff

Lacquering is the process of applying a glossy, polished finish to wood (and sometimes paper, leather, and other materials). In Japan, the craft is used to decorate art works and functional wares, including vases, bowls, bento boxes, and chopsticks. Wakasa-nuri is one style of lacquering. It first developed in Fukui Prefecture 400 years ago, and is most well known […]

April 7, 2017

It’s MAC, the Knife!

by Umami Mart Staff

Are you still using that cheap and dull Ikea knife that you mysteriously inherited several years ago from some roommate or other? If the answer is yes, we have a tool that’s going to change your cooking prep game. If the answer is no, good for you, but you should still read on! The MAC Santoku Knife is […]

April 6, 2017

The New Gold Standard: Yukiwa Gold Boston Shaker Set

by Umami Mart Staff

Presenting our newest luxe barware product: The Gold Boston Shaker Set. Made by renowned Japanese barware makers, Yukiwa, the set consists of two high-quality gold-plated stainless steel tins. Used together, they seal tightly for making cocktails that need a good, hearty shake. Then, they unseal easily for a satisfying, clean pour. These tins are truly the gold […]

March 31, 2017

As Seen in the Breakfast Club: Soy Sauce Dispenser for One

by Umami Mart Staff

Remember the lunch scene in The Breakfast Club? Claire (Molly Ringwald) pulls a can of Coke, a wooden tray, a bento box full of sushi, a pair of chopsticks, and a personal soy sauce dispenser from her lunch bag, to the confused disgust of John (Judd Nelson). We were re-watching this ’85 John Hughes classic […]

Think Inside the Box with Ohashi Masu

by Umami Mart Staff

These colorful hinoki (Japanese cypress) Ohashi Masu are made for serving sake, but you can use them for holding office + art supplies, business cards, spices, jewelry, and a whole lot more. In the case of these masu, getting creative means thinking inside the box. Ohashi has been making its hinoki masu for more than 60 years in Ogaki City, Japan. […]

March 30, 2017

Introducing New Studio Arhoj Familia!

by Umami Mart Staff

Meet the new family at Umami Mart! Studio Arhoj Familia are a family of Japanese Shinto and pop art-inspired figurines. Each Familia member is hand-cast in white porcelain, glazed in high-fire color, and then fired in the kiln three times before it’s ready to go home with you! The Familia currently residing at Umami Mart are Buru, Kayo, Fuji, Beta, […]

March 24, 2017

New in the Shop: The Sori Yanagi Flatware Collection

by Umami Mart Staff

We just added four items to our Sori Yanagi Collection that we think you’ll give a fork about. The Sori Yanagi Flatware Collection consists of a Dinner Fork + Dinner Spoon and Serving Fork + Serving Spoon, all designed by Japan’s renowned modern industrial designer, Sori Yanagi, whose everyday products are found in homes in […]

March 23, 2017

New in Blue: Indigo-Hued Hasami Porcelain

by Umami Mart Staff

Here’s a bolt from the blue: We just added yet another hue to our popular Hasami Porcelain Collection! The collection includes indigo-colored mugs (small, medium, and large), teapot, milk pitcher, sugar pot, and 3-1/3″ plate in a gloss finish. Blue Hasami Porcelain pieces stack perfectly with each other and the rest of the larger Hasami line.

March 10, 2017

Ain’t Nothing Wrong with a Little Bit of Toast n’ Grind

by Umami Mart Staff

Cue up the music: See we know just what you want And we know just what you need So bring out your sesame seeds (bring out your sesame seeds) We’re not fooling around with you Toasting and grinding your seeds is what we want you to do [Pre-Hook 1] You need a Spice Toaster And a […]