June 4, 2013

MOTOism: My Vegetable Garden

by Moto Yamamoto

As you’ve seen from my previous posts, my current apartment has a nice-sized balcony, which gets wonderful sunlight. 

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September 20, 2012

Japanify: Pork + Myoga Madness

by Yoko Kumano

Myoga madness continues as I experiment with the harvest from my sister’s myoga plant. Last week, I topped raw myoga on tofu.

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September 13, 2012

Japanify: Hiyayakko with Myoga

by Yoko Kumano

My sister has a giant myoga plant that is thriving in a shady spot by her chicken coup coop.

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September 11, 2009

MYOGA! (With Cold Udon)

by Kayoko Akabori


While rummaging through my fridge the other day (fine, fine, my parent’s fridge) I was delighted to find a hefty package of myoga.

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