December 17, 2016

Today Only: 10% Off Japanify All Day

by Umami Mart Staff

Today the marks the fifth day of our 12 Days of Christmas holiday deals. Every day, from today through December 24, we’ll offer a new one-day only deal on a product in our shop. Today’s deal is for 10% off copies of Japanify All Day. Find the discount code on our 12 Days of Christmas page. […]

October 7, 2016

1210 More Very Good Cocktails You Need to Drink!

by Umami Mart Staff

A follow-up to 901 Very Good Cocktails, 1210 More Very Good Cocktails: A Renaissance Compendium by Oakland resident and mixology guru Stew Ellington is on our shelves! While his first book concentrated on classic drinks, 1210 More Very Good Cocktails focuses on the new wave of craft cocktails. Fun to read, comprehensive, and practical, this guide features dependably good recipes from more than 500 bartenders. The book is organized […]

July 27, 2016

Wet Your Whistle Like It’s 1930 at The Savoy!

by Umami Mart Staff

“Harry Craddock was once asked what was the best way to drink a Cocktail: ‘Quickly,’ replied the great man, ‘while it’s laughing at you!’” – From the Forward of The Savoy Cocktail Book In 1930, Harry Craddock*, a barman at London’s Savoy Hotel, published a book featuring what would become some of the most well-known […]

April 25, 2014

The Vin Vivant: Spin the Bottle

by Audrey Luk

My #1 tip for how to learn more about wine: spin the bottle around and look at the back label. See the name of the importer? If you liked the wine, you’ll probably like the importer. Find more wines brought into the U.S. (or whatever country you’re in) by the name on the back, and […]