October 6, 2010

Skankynavia: Tivoli Eating Aesthetics, Part 1: Munchin’ In The Dark (CPH)

by Anders Arhoj

If you heard anything about Denmark you might have heard of Tivoli, a big entertainment garden planted directly onto the epicentre of Copenhagen. It was opened in 1843 and has since then been built out, refined, and in some ways demolished (but that’s a whole different story). I have been permanently in love with this […]

September 30, 2010

Packaging Whore: Agnes Cupcakes (CPH)

by Anders Arhoj

A cupcake is like generic sex. Looks like an ok fun party from the outside, but when you dig in, it’s dull, sticky and in the end it just makes you wanna throw up. Right now, you’re probably thinking “Oh no, not another cupcake post. Weren’t cupcakes something that belonged to the 2000’s?” And yes, […]

July 9, 2009

(Un)edible Paper

by Anders Arhoj

My mom went to Paris and all I got was this lousy Edible Paper. Being a fan of everything fake and pink I had to give this a try. Everyone across the world is probably constantly wondering: How do those French supermodels keep so beautiful and fit? What on earth are they eating? Well, here’s […]

April 10, 2009

Totally Tubular

by Yoko Kumano

The Swedish city of Malmö is just a stone´s throw away from Copenhagen. The theme of my three-week trip is “Countries I Have Never Been To.” So I was delighted by Anders´ suggestion to take a day-trip to Malmö where Copenhagenites take advantage of the cheaper prices offered in Sweden. The train ride across the […]

April 6, 2009

What Danish Babies Like to Eat

by Yoko Kumano

Ever find yourself tossing and turning at night wondering what Danish babies like to eat?… Well, me neither. Nevertheless, I had the priviledge to find out on Saturday when I attended Ernst’s third birthday party. This Danish baby threw his birthday party for brunch. Just like us, Danish babies invite their friends and family members […]

April 4, 2009

Danish Men’s Lunch at Husmann’s Vinstue

by Yoko Kumano

My first meal out in the city of Copenhagen was what my friend Anders dubbed as “a traditional Danish men´s lunch.” On a beautiful, sunny, crisp day, we set out on our bikes to enjoy what Husmann’s Vinstue had waiting for us. The interior of Husmann’s Vinstue was moody and dark with business men and […]