March 31, 2017

As Seen in the Breakfast Club: Soy Sauce Dispenser for One

by Umami Mart Staff

Remember the lunch scene in The Breakfast Club? Claire (Molly Ringwald) pulls a can of Coke, a wooden tray, a bento box full of sushi, a pair of chopsticks, and a personal soy sauce dispenser from her lunch bag, to the confused disgust of John (Judd Nelson). We were re-watching this ’85 John Hughes classic recently and couldn’t get over how much that soy sauce dispenser reminds us of the Table Soy Sauce Dispenser by Tokyo-based Kimura Glass Co.

Photo via Kimura Glass Co.

We don’t know about Claire’s, but the Kimura Table Soy Sauce Dispenser was made in collaboration with Japanese designer Chikako Okeda.

Photo via Kimura Glass Co.

She wanted to make a perfectly-proportioned dispenser for the tabletop and the meal at hand.
Aside from shoyu, try serving warm jus or other thin sauces in this pretty lil’ pourer.

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