Cured Meats

September 28, 2010

Mortadella Mayhem at The Hocca Bar (São Paulo)

by Bryan Sanders

The Hocca Bar first opened its doors in 1952, and serves up thousands of sandwiches, beers, and pastéis de bacalhau (pastries packed with cod) everyday. The mixed crowd of kids, families, polo wearers, old gentlemen, and nuns stand or sit on stools, consuming their sandwiches. Everyone loud, talking, numbers are shouted, people laugh; talk one-handed. […]

August 25, 2010

The Big Feed: Church & State (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

I’m feeling a bit deflated today. Recently I discovered that my column shares the same name with a right-wing, conspiracy theory, political blog (I’ll leave out the hyper link here, because you don’t need to waste your time with all that. Ok never mind, freedom of speech yaddi yadda, here you go). So just to […]

July 16, 2010

Packaging Whore: The Salumi Cone @ Boccalone (SF)

by Kayoko Akabori

Mortadella, prociutto cotto, and prociutto crudo slices… in a CONE. This is how we’ll be eating meat in the future. How about steak (medium rare please!) in a cone? Hot dog in a cone? Slab bacon in a cone? Hmmm… I think I’m onto something. This reminds me of… this. Anyway, LOVE THIS. Look at […]

May 18, 2010

Slightly Peckish: Grilled Chorizo Sandwich, Anyone? (London)

by Sakura Gooneratne

Yes please! I never realised that you could get chorizo that wasn’t sliced like salami … yes, very uncultured here. That is, until I popped down to the London gourmands’ perennial favourite, Borough Market, just south of the Thames and very close to gothic Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge and one of London’s oldest pubs, and […]

November 27, 2009

Culinography: Canadian Charcuterie

by Erin Gleeson

Charcuterie platter.By Chef Jeff Crump, The Ancaster Old MillAncaster, Ontario, Canada *Erin Gleeson is based in NYC. She enjoys shooting cookbooks and teaches photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

July 24, 2008

Garden Party with Canned Tuna and Other Summertime Delights

by Kayoko Akabori

I’m noticing way too much asian-ness on this blog right now, so I’m gonna mix it up a little bit. Gotta keep it culturally diverse. (Insert sarcastic face here). Fumiko just got back from a jaunt in Barcelona- she has a nice Mediterranean glow and is speaking in funky JaSpanGlish with a weird Catalan accent. […]

October 30, 2007

Mangiamo 2007!: 24 Hours in Madrid

by Kayoko Akabori

Stopped off in Madrid for one night to see my dear friends Marta and Jose. Marta and I lived together in Padova, and she’s like a sister to me. But first, let’s talk airplane food. I took Iberia both back and forth from NY, and here are just some few points of why non-US airlines […]