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January 11, 2011

Old School Eats: The Fountain Coffee Room (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

I drove up the well hidden path framed by carefully manicured greenery and pulled into valet (only to ask, “is there street parking close by?”), and a rush of old Hollywood imagery washed over me. Frames from The Way We Were and Shampoo fluttered about as I fell into a movie star k-hole. After some […]

December 28, 2010

Old School Eats: Wet Lunch @ Pacific Dining Car (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

Why are old things, places, clothes, movies, books, more interesting than what’s available to us today? Is it because the grass is always greener? Or that you always want what you can’t have? I’m sure that’s part of it, but it has to be more than that. The authenticity, the history, the credibility? Whatever the […]

October 22, 2010

The Big Feed: Orochon Ramen (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

Some people love the availability of innumerable options and possibility; Flea markets, Walmart, The Cheesecake Factory. And while there are some occasions where I enjoy the limitless options and “but what ifs” that tend to come along with sitting down to a proper meal at a new and exciting restaurant, generally I don’t have the […]

October 7, 2010

The Big Feed: The Tasting Kitchen (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

Ahhhh the life of a food journalist. The repeat and multiple visits to restaurants of all shapes and sizes, booze and food paid for by expense accounts, all in the name of research. I remember reading a review by Frank Bruni about Per Se, Thomas Keller’s New York sibling to French Laundry. I was so […]

September 16, 2010

The Big Feed: Baby Blues BBQ (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

Regional food pride has long been a competitive discussion between residents of urban cities throughout the United States (acutely observed here by our favorite comedian Kyle Kinane). Food at the the top of this list, like pizza and hot dogs, are usually made with cheap ingredients infused with a local style. And of course there […]

August 25, 2010

The Big Feed: Church & State (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

I’m feeling a bit deflated today. Recently I discovered that my column shares the same name with a right-wing, conspiracy theory, political blog (I’ll leave out the hyper link here, because you don’t need to waste your time with all that. Ok never mind, freedom of speech yaddi yadda, here you go). So just to […]

August 11, 2010

The Big Feed: Dodger Dog (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

*Please enjoy this track (in another window) while reading this post. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Los Angeles fan, but I’m trying my hardest to appreciate the great things the city has to offer, and at the top of most Angelenophiles (did I make that word up?) “things to love about LA lists” is Dodger’s […]

July 28, 2010

The Big Feed: Blue Plate Oysterette (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

I know there is good food in Los Angeles and I’m trying to be more open to new things. That being said, I don’t like driving and I don’t particularly like Santa Monica, so I normally don’t travel to the west side of the city to do anything, beyond what I have to for work. […]

July 14, 2010

The Big Feed: The Rustic Spoon (LA)

by Sarah Nevada

So I’m in the valley, Burbank actually, or is it North Hollywood? Depends on who you are talking to. LA native? Valley native? You’re from Hollywood? Oh, not from Hollywood? So you’re technically from the Valley, but you live in Hollywood, got it. Do the Hills start at Cahuenga? No? They start at Mulholland? You […]

June 30, 2010

The Big Feed: Ca’ Di Gosto (Umbria)

by Sarah Nevada

Umbria is one of those places you hear people romanticize when they talk about their “dream vacations” and after a recent trip to the region, I now understand why. I had an opportunity to visit a bed and breakfast in Umbria called Ca’ Di Gosto. It’s almost inaccurate to refer to it as a B&B […]