November 8, 2010

Battle ReCPY: Road to the Perfect Flødeboller (Trial 1 – Complete Fail)

by Moto Yamamoto

Welcome back to another Yamahomo baking battle. Now that I have completed my macaron battle (yeah, I can still come up with different colors amd flavors, but this basics are covered and completed), I needed something else to tackle. When I saw Anders’ post on a flødeboller from Summerbird in Copenhagen (basically a chocolate covered […]

October 20, 2010

Skankynavia: Autumn Apples of Summerbird (CPH)

by Anders Arhoj

Fall has reached Copenhagen, the leaves are clogging the streets, days are getting shorter and darker and my sugar addiction has reached new levels. Some say the reason why supermarkets of Scandinavia are so crowded with candy and cakes, is because the constant darkness and cold forces our bodies to require more sugar to stay […]