August 21, 2013

The Ramen Shaman: Bunsuke (Asakusa,Tokyo)

by Will VanderWyden

I went to the future the other day and found this synopsis on an IMDB page from 2018: A lonely Tokyo ramen shop proprietor secretly pines for a local bar owner and former model. His three most devoted customers, two wacky foreigners and their Japanese friend, fear the ramen master will die without passing his […]

September 5, 2012

The Ramen Shaman: Aoki-tei (Asakusa)

by Will VanderWyden

Push yourself. Every challenge makes you better. Or as I learned, making a fool of yourself at a run-of-the mill ramen shop prepares you for the big boys. I recently traveled to Japan, where I had 21 bowls of ramen in 23 days. It would have been more but I was sidelined for a few […]