UM Secret

January 26, 2015

My Oakland Secrets

by Kayoko Akabori

After living in Oakland for nearly five years, I am jumping ship and moving across the Bay. It’s crazy. I haven’t really come to grips with it yet, as I’ve been so busy packing/ moving out/ moving in/ unpacking/ selling furniture/ buying furniture/ trying to settle in; all while remembering to eat, stay hydrated and […]

January 8, 2009

UM Secret: Ramen After Hours (NYC)

by Kayoko Akabori

Here’s a little late-night NYC noodle secret: Tsukushi, a tiny, retro-era izakaya-type Japanese joint in Midtown East serves up ramen starting around 10pm. Tsukushi is extremely unique- it’s sort of an omakase izakaya, where you don’t get to choose what to order, it’s just whatever the chef decided to prepare for the evening. You don’t […]

October 8, 2008

UM Secret: Best Ramen in NYC

by Kayoko Akabori

The best ramen in the city (in my humble opinion) is only available on Wednesdays, and the restaurant only serves 30 bowls of it. This means you must get there right as the place opens at noon, and without any hesitation or shame, order as you’re still walking to the table. You will find that […]

August 5, 2008

UM Secret: Underground Sushi Bar (NYC)

by Kayoko Akabori

My friend Naoko was in town for a few weeks on business from Tokyo and we spent a lot of time together eating and drinking. We’re so dangerous together- it’s like we feed each other’s food/drink addictions, we don’t stop. So Naoko knew a sushi chef at this new place called the Greenwich Grill in […]

May 11, 2008

UM Secret: Shhhh… My Favorite in NYC

by Kayoko Akabori

Living in this overhyped dining netherworld that is NYC, everyone has to have a place that is absolutely their OWN SECRET. It’s usually somewhere on the downlow, waaaay below the radar, somewhere that you hope to god won’t ever get written about in the lame-o Times or blow up on Yelp. This is how it […]