April 4, 2014

Kodoku no Gurume (Solitary Gourmet)

by Kayoko Akabori

I’ve been watching a lot of Kodoku no gurume, a show from Japan. It is about a salesman in Tokyo named Goro who goes out to eat. That’s it. That’s the premise of the show. But his meals are centered around B-kyu cuisine, Japan’s comfort foods. So we follow him around town while he eats yakitori, […]

May 4, 2009

Kewpie Tarako Pasta Sauce

by Yoko Kumano

One of the best ad campaigns I have seen in Japan is for Kewpie’s Tarako (Cod Roe) Pasta Sauce. These ads have been running for the past three years and have created a branding craze for Kewpie dolls dressed up as tarako. Check out these ads bordering on creepy and kawaii (cute).

August 26, 2008

Un-Smart Lidz

by Moto Yamamoto

I am a victim of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE fraud. I should have thought it through. First of all, the name of the product is Lidz, not Lids. That’s already shady. And the guy Chef Tony who also sells various other kitchen items with a loud voice is quite shady… According to Wiki, he […]

August 11, 2008

Do You Believe In “As Seen on TV”?

by Moto Yamamoto

I am an infomercial whore. Whenever I go to a suburban mall, and find an “As Seen On TV” store, I have to go and check it out. Some of the items can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, and the other day, I bought Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags. Although images on the box […]