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June 25, 2015

Go To Blind Pig Bistro NOW (Seattle)

by Kayoko Akabori

When I received a list of places to eat in Seattle from one of our longtime customers, @SamayouKodomo, the only comment he put next to Blind Pig Bistro was, “American goodness… beer bread, mmm.” Besides this, there was no other insight into this little eatery out a way’s north of the downtown area where we were […]

September 11, 2012

MOTO Restaurant Review: Eleven Madison Park (NYC)

by Moto Yamamoto

Though I created such a scene when I wrote about a certain four-star restaurant some time ago, I must write about my experience at Eleven Madison Park. Why?  Because it was above and beyond my expectations, and made me fully understand Daniel Humm‘s genius-ness. Plus it was lunch, over a glass of wine, hence I […]

April 27, 2011

Tap This: Stag Dining’s Brewmasters Dinner with Magnolia (SF)

by CJ Mattiola

If you are not convinced that beer pairings work with upscale dining, this post may change your mind. Recently I attended an amazing event put on by Stag Dining Group who partnered with Magnolia Brewery to create The Brewmasters Dinner. Stag Dining Group puts on communal dinners while partnering with vineyards, hunters, musicians–this time they […]