March 25, 2013

The Forest Feast: Matzo Brei Scallion Pancakes

by Erin Gleeson

Happy Passover, everyone! Matzo Brei is a traditional Jewish dish that is made during Passover, which runs through next Tuesday, April 2nd. The recipe calls for eggs and matzo cracker. It’s often sweetened with cinnamon and sugar, but I made a savory version with scallions. I also added some green garlic that came in the CSA box […]

March 18, 2013

The Forest Feast: Beet Haroset

by Erin Gleeson

For those of you planning your menu for Passover, or for anyone looking for a quick appetizer idea, here’s a fun and colorful twist on haroset, a traditional Jewish dish. Haroset is usually a blend of fruit and nuts made during Passover (which starts a week from today). At times chunky, sometimes smooth, it’s often served […]

April 11, 2012

Forest Feast: Spiced Passover Haroset

by Erin Gleeson

Spring has sprung in the woods! Passover is this week and to kick it off, we hosted a first-night Seder.  We spent two days cooking all the traditional Jewish dishes: matzah ball soup, haroset (a paste of dried fruit and nuts), farfel (quiche-like squares), tzimmes (a sweet potato carrot dish), plus a roasted chicken with rosemary […]

April 18, 2011

Culinography: Happy Passover!

by Erin Gleeson

Tonight is the first night of Passover, and the first of two seders this week. Enjoy that gefilte fish! (If you’re lucky, yours will be made of salmon like the one above). Photo by Erin Gleeson.