March 25, 2013

The Forest Feast: Matzo Brei Scallion Pancakes

by Erin Gleeson

Happy Passover, everyone! Matzo Brei is a traditional Jewish dish that is made during Passover, which runs through next Tuesday, April 2nd. The recipe calls for eggs and matzo cracker. It’s often sweetened with cinnamon and sugar, but I made a savory version with scallions. I also added some green garlic that came in the CSA box […]

March 18, 2013

The Forest Feast: Beet Haroset

by Erin Gleeson

For those of you planning your menu for Passover, or for anyone looking for a quick appetizer idea, here’s a fun and colorful twist on haroset, a traditional Jewish dish. Haroset is usually a blend of fruit and nuts made during Passover (which starts a week from today). At times chunky, sometimes smooth, it’s often served […]

February 25, 2013

The Forest Feast: Hamentashen for Purim

by Erin Gleeson

Jonathan’s brother and his wife Arielle came to visit last weekend from New York. The weather was gorgeous so we did a little late afternoon baking on the deck with a glass of wine! Arielle is a fabulous baker and this is her recipe for hamentashen. These cookies are traditionally made for Purim, a Jewish […]

January 28, 2013

The Forest Feast: Tu Bishvat

by Erin Gleeson

Over the weekend, we celebrated a little Jewish holiday called Tu Bishvat. It’s often called the “new year of the trees” and is sort of like Jewish Earth Day. Traditionally people eat 15 kinds of fruits and nuts and drink four glasses of wine… then you go outside and plant a tree (who doesn’t love that?!)!  For […]

December 10, 2012

The Forest Feast: Happy Hanukkah!

by Erin Gleeson

Upcoming Event: Hanukkah Party This Wednesday

by Kayoko Akabori

Happy Hanukkah everyone! We’re throwing a celebration this Wednesday on the fifth night. Our good friend Rabbi Jack Prosnit will be here to light the menorah and hang out with us. And of course, there will be food + drinks — latkes by Lizzy of Greasebox and hot sake by Takara. Yup, it’s kosher! WHAT: […]

October 1, 2012

Forest Feast: Pomegranate Challah

by Erin Gleeson

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur was last week, which continues the season of the Jewish New Year. To celebrate this annual cycle, challah is often formed into a round (instead of being braided) and harvest type foods, like pomegranate, are often eaten. I combined these ideas into a sweet bread, baked with lots of […]

April 11, 2012

Forest Feast: Spiced Passover Haroset

by Erin Gleeson

Spring has sprung in the woods! Passover is this week and to kick it off, we hosted a first-night Seder.  We spent two days cooking all the traditional Jewish dishes: matzah ball soup, haroset (a paste of dried fruit and nuts), farfel (quiche-like squares), tzimmes (a sweet potato carrot dish), plus a roasted chicken with rosemary […]

December 21, 2011

Culinography: Happy Chanukkah!

by Erin Gleeson

Chanukkah, the eight-day Jewish holiday and festival of lights, started last night!  We light a new candle on the menorah every evening after sundown. I will be making the traditional latkes (potato pancakes), like I do every year, and I plan to attempt making sufganiyot (jelly donuts!) from scratch. I’ll let you know how that […]

October 10, 2011

Culinography: Sukkot

by Erin Gleeson

The Jewish Harvest holiday of Sukkot starts this Wednesday, Oct 12th and continues for a week. During this time, people eat their meals outdoors under a sukkah (or little hut), decorated with corn, gourds, pumkins and other harvest-inspired decor. It’s traditional to say a blessing during this holiday while holding the lulav (palm leaves) and etrog […]