April 1, 2009

Happy Hour: Chinatown Express

by Payman Bahmani

I recently had a conversation with a friend in which said friend mentioned to me that he’s not a big fan of “fancy cocktails,” but instead preferred the simplicity of two ingredient drinks, with his go-to choice being the grapefruit and vodka tag-team known as the Greyhound. Implicit in his tone was the notion that […]

March 4, 2009

Happy Hour: L’Amant (The Lover)

by Payman Bahmani

Another Wednesday is upon us, which means another opportunity for midweek tippling! The subject of today’s Happy Hour is one that’s been rolling–or rather mixing–around in my mind for a couple weeks now, as I’ve been working on something to contribute to the upcoming Mixology Monday session, or MxMo, as it’s called, where each month […]

December 16, 2008

Happy Hour: Gingerbread Cocktail

by Payman Bahmani

I’m a big fan of eggnog during the holidays (homemade, not store bought), but when the vibe calls for something a bit lighter and more refreshing without losing the flavors essential to the season, make a Gingerbread Cocktail instead. Here’s the recipe:Gingerbread Cocktail1 part vodka1 part Domaine de Canton3 parts apple ciderSplash of fresh lemon […]