Sir Grubs A Lot

August 20, 2010

Sir Grubs A Lot: Asanebo (LA)

by Chiara

When I first moved to Studio City earlier this year, my friend Trevor greeted me with “Welcome to the city of sushi joints and bong shops.” And I thought to myself, “Heaven?”  I kid, kind of.  According to there’s about 63 places to eat sushi in the 7.11 square miles that is Studio City.  […]

July 30, 2010

Sir Grubs A Lot: Filipino Food Adventure @ Barrio Fiesta (LA)

by Chiara

“Have you eaten?” Without fail, this is the first thing out of my Lola’s mouth whenever I arrive to her house. This is also the only question she will ask you for the next 15 minutes until she sees you physically eating something or in my Lola’s particular case I feign interest in get her […]

July 2, 2010

Sir Grubs A Lot: The Oinkster (LA)

by Chiara

I know a lot of folks who love to hate on Guy Fieri for reasons that include his overt enthusiasm and hair do, but I’ll be the first to admit, I think the dude is completely lovable and has the best damn job in the world. I mean, really… he won a reality TV show […]