Shizuka Wakashita

October 4, 2012

Crop Shop in Azabujuban (TYO)

by Shizuka Wakashita

I used to live in Azabujuban for four years during my 20s. Sadly I don’t get to go there that often anymore as I live farther away. I love Azabujuban so much because there are so many great restaurants and cool shops there – both old and new. I like to check out new places […]

February 15, 2012

Sobayuwari (Shochu + Hot Soba Water)

by Shizuka Wakashita

By Shizuka Wakashita What do you drink when you go to a soba place? Beer? Sake? Shochu? I thought sake but I was wrong. I was converted into a sake lover about three years ago. Ever since then I almost always order sake when I go out for Japanese food, except for the occasions when I […]