February 14, 2011

Battle ReCPY: Madeleines, Take II (Marta + Madeleine)

by Moto Yamamoto

PREFACE: Battle ReCPY: Madeleines (Mary Ann + Marcus) Valentine’s Day is so overrated. Why do people pay extra for red roses? Why do you have to buy new lingerie? WTF is up with all the chocolate? I don’t understand what’s so romantic about today–it’s just a regular Monday to me. Us consumers are so manipulated […]

February 7, 2011

Battle ReCPY: Madeleines (Mary Ann + Marcus)

by Moto Yamamoto

Since I got a nice Williams-Sonoma gift card for the holidays, I went there to hunt for things I wanted, but didn’t necessarily need. Aside from multi-color paper muffin cups for my MOffins and new sheet pans for my macarons, I also picked up a madeleine pan. I don’t know why but the shiny pan, […]