January 11, 2016

Postcard from Tokyo: Tis the Season for Shirako

by Kayoko Akabori

It’s become Yoko and my tradition to stop into Tsukiji Sushiko, a popular chain that is littered all around Tokyo, serving superb sushi at a nominal pricepoint. We usually visit Japan in the winter so we are lucky to always get shirako, or better known here on the blog as fish jizz. That’s right, these are sperm […]

November 10, 2009

Tokyo JUNKtion: Preparing Salmon Seminal Fluid

by Yoko Kumano

I bought a sac of shirako at my local supermarket for 90 yen (85 cents). I never knew that shirako was so cheap since I had never had the balls to prepare it until now. Shirako is the seminal fluid of fish who shoot their sperm onto roe. It is served in many different ways […]

May 10, 2009

Fin Jizzy

by Yoko Kumano

Seeing as votes are largely being casted for “boobies” for the Umami Vote question “What would you like to see more of on UM?”, I tried searching for something boobie-related to blog about. But blogging about chicken boobies just seemed kind of boring. So forgive me for not being able to fulfill the demand for […]