January 13, 2009

Fancy Budget Beachfront Lunch (Monterey)

by Kayoko Akabori

Went to visit Ayagwa and Tmonkey in Monterey! We made a lunch stop at Roy’s, in the ultra fancy Spanish Bay clubhouse with Aya’s mama. Roy’s started in Hawaii and is now a huge fancy restaurant empire in the U.S. serving “Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine.” My brother actually used to work at Roy’s in LA and […]

May 4, 2007

When in Monterey…

by Aya Ogawa

I’m from Monterey, California (home of the world-famous — and deservedly so — Monterey Bay Aquarium) which is one of the most beautiful places on earth (the breathtaking landscape was featured in Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo), but the problem with the beautiful places on earth are that they are usually turned into tourist traps — everything […]