Hellish Kitchen

June 3, 2008

Tmonkey Does Hellish Kitchen: Nice & Spicey

by Irwin Chen

I don’t know what the official name of this restaurant is. It’s between 36th and 37th on 9th Ave. The awning says “Cuisine of Pakistan” but somebody took the trouble of bending some neon to say “Nice and Spicey”. So I’m going to go with that. I like the fact that they play up the […]

May 19, 2008

Tmonkey Does Hellish Kitchen: Introduction to the New Nabe

by Irwin Chen

I moved into a new office on 39th and 8th Ave — beautiful view right across the street from the new Renzo Piano New York Times building (which btw will house another Muji store on the ground level), crummy area, many new and old denizens loitering around in front of Port Authority, and after a […]