September 15, 2009

YH Restaurant Report: Moo (Barcelona)

by Moto Yamamoto

Barcelona was interesting. The Gaudi architecture was totally worthwhile, and we walked around everywhere. La Boqueria smelled like ham, and was a complete tourist trap. Saffron at the market was uber-pricey. Although I would have loved to get a leg of Jamon iberico, those were not cheap either (I bought a 100 gram pack at […]

September 30, 2008

What To Do On Your Last Night in Barcelona

by Irwin Chen

Okay, it’s our last night here in Barcelona, and while we’ve had some great personal advice from Kayo and some old friends who have spent some time here, I must admit that much of my research on where to eat has taken the form of Googling Chowhound. It took about a half a day spent […]