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October 20, 2011

Food Rx: The Mayan Corn God vs. Nopalito (SF)

by Lizzy Boelter

“After September 6th, everything will make sense,” a friend told me. She’s referring to New Years Day of the Mayan calendar. It was supposed to be a comforting prediction, but I prodded her with questions. So, the Mayan calendar was developed thousands of years ago by a civilization known for their advanced math, writing and […]

September 2, 2011

Food Rx: Pizza vs. Pizza (An Introduction)

by Lizzy Boelter

It’s Monday morning, and by “morning” I mean 12:30pm. Monday is the first day of the service industry weekend. I’m coming down from two double shifts and a closing shift at the slow food pizza duo Pizzaiolo and Boot and Shoe Service. My girlfriend won’t wake up, and we are out of coffee. After navigating […]