September 20, 2013

MOTO x Japanify Mashup: Kombu-Cured Enoki Mushrooms

by Yoko Kumano


Last month, MOTO made a surprise appearance for our one-year anniversary party. With not one hair out of place, he casually sauntered into our shop and helped us dress into our summer kimnonos. On his last day in California, we had dinner at my house. While preparing for our temaki dinner, Moto showed me how to make enoki no kombujime or kombu-cured enoki mushrooms.

With me behind the lens and MOTO behind the kitchen counter, it was the making of an ideal Umami Mart post.


2 pieces of 4×4″ kombu
1 package of enoki


1. Lay out one piece of kombu on a small cutting board or flat surface. Rose-drinking optional.


2. Cut off the stems of the enoki, break up into small bunches and place in colander.


Pour boiling water over the enoki.



3. Lay the enoki out, side by side, on the kombu until they completely cover the surface area of the kombu.


4. Place the second piece of kombu on top. Wrap with plastic wrap.



5. MOTO at the Hopkins Buffet!


6. Take the enoki out of the kombu sandwich after one to two days. I took mine out after two days and it looked like this.


The enoki has so much umami to it, thanks to the kombu. I’ve put a few bunches into my tsuyu when I eat soba for an extra flavor burst, for the past two weeks. I’ve also been enjoying it for breakfast atop rice.


Thanks MOTO! Come back to my kitchen again soon to show me some more simple, delicious tips.


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  • rynnyb
    Posted October 1, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    wow, these were delicious, easy, and full of umami deliciousness. (I cured mine for 2 days.) thanks!

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