April 17, 2009

Fridgin Out: Learning to Live Together


Today’s Fridgin’ Out comes from my good friends Carlos and Veronica, a couple living together in SoHo, NYC. Carlos got a wee too drunk last night to finish the post, so V came in to the rescue. Now folks- that’s true love! Here it is, live from SoHo- enjoy!

Ironically, this post comes after a week of being on a mission to use up what’s in the fridge and subsequently cleaning out whatever detritus was left. With that said– it’s still pretty full, no? I probably didn’t even need to mention the out-of-the-ordinary circumstances because you would have never known had I not mentioned it, but I feel as though I be misrepresenting an average day in the life of our chilly friend if I didn’t.

So, imagine if you will, in addition to what’s in there currently, a bevy of items from Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods/Raffetto’s Italian Market. Get that picture in your head and add a few of these recently tossed items and you’ll get a slightly more accurate sense of what our fridge is normally like.

The highlights of what’s currently in there:

* A smattering of condiments, some of which could definitely be living on a cupboard shelf but are in the fridge because somehow I feel they’ll stay fresher in a cold environment.

* A variety of candy– I went on a kick, much to Carlos’s chagrin, of putting EVERYTHING in the fridge when we had a (there’s no way to couch this except to point out that we live in NYC above a patisserie and knock wood haven’t seen these friend for a few years) small vermin problem. Oddly enough he didn’t appreciate cold chocolate, rock hard gum and crunchy Mentos.

* Milk– Originally 2% was purchased as part of the compromise of living with someone, but in truth, I’m not sure how I’d ever really enjoyed fat free. Fat is just SO much better (especially in coffee.)

* Minute Maid Fruit Punch– Carlos drinks this stuff like he’s a hippie downing Kombucha. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the Punch is not detoxifying his organs with probiotics. Next to the Fruit Punch is a ½ gallon of lemonade that was purchased when the market was out of Punch, and then abandoned when the Punch came back into the picture. There’s also a carton of mango/peach/orange juice that I bought on my quest to find a healthier-and-just-as-tasty alternative to the Punch. Admittedly, despite my theoretical dislike it has become a guilty pleasure to have a glass (it’s just so sweet and tasty!)

* Whole Foods Free Range Eggs– These are a little on the old side, but used less for the straight eating and more for the cookie-baking chocolate-soufflé making. I always try to buy free range but I will admit that I waffle a bit on which brand to choose before I ultimately go for the cheaper of the free range.I know in my heart of hearts that those ladies popping out eggs aren’t living quite as good of a life as they would’ve at the farm who charges double. But it’s the recession people.

* Two Kinds of Syrup– I proudly gave Carlos a bottle of hand crafted Vermont Maple Syrup for Christmas with the promise that it would come with pancakes. After returning from a trip- Aunt Jemima appeared! As it turns out, he’s not keen on the real thing (and I am not keen on Aunt Jemima.) Thus, two bottles.

* Pisco– A brandy from Chile. This one is literally from Chile (courtesy of a somewhat ill advised ride in my checked luggage.) Super tasty with Coke. In addition to being authentic, this bottle’s quiet old, as the last time either Carlos or I were in Chile, it was 2006. I’d like to think that it’s improving with age but we haven’t cracked it open in a year or two so that’s pure speculation.

* Duncan Hines Frosting– We were so excited when we bought a muffin pan that we decided to christen it with Cupcakes! Carlos went out and bought a mix and frosting! Let’s go big for heaven sakes! Sadly, what came out of the oven was moist but tasted like a kitchen sponge (what I imagine that to be – I’m not crazy.) What is the world coming to when you toss out a CAKE!?

* Lasagna– Made it 5 days ago and we’re still eating it. Ironically, we were invited to our friends’ house on Day 2 of leftover consumption and had to chuckle when we walked in and they announced that they’d made a LASAGNA. (To their credit, their version was really good.) There must be something in the air…

* Liquid egg whites– It seemed like a good idea at a time, but I’m afraid to use them. Something about the thought of pouring clear gelatinous goop out of milk carton just turns my stomach. Sorry lean protein. You loose this round.

* Cream cheese– Carlos grew up eating a snack involving cream cheese on a warm corn tortilla. I bought the cream cheese but accidentally got flour tortillas. Whoops. On the plus side the combo I purchased tastes sort of like a Mexican bagel.

* Peppermint Hot Choc– Easily the oldest thing in the fridge. Was a Christmas gift from an Uncle to my Mom so many years ago that my Aunt and I were hard pressed to figure exactly how old it was. (We estimate 5-7 years.) I credit the constant refrigeration, first at my mom’s house (you knew I learned that “trick” somewhere) and then at mine for it’s longevity. (And it may be there in another 5; a little goes a long way.)

Additional friends that recently got the boot:

* A 1/4 of a log of Chevre Goat Cheese from Trader Joe’s. The cheese was white, the fridge was white. I don’t know how such a waste of fromage happened on my watch.

* Organic Buttermilk– Unopened. I had bought a quart after reading a yummy sounding recipe for baked fried chicken. My enthusiasm waned after looking at it night after night and deciding each time: “nah, too complicated.” Contemplated using it in coffee when I ran out of milk.

* Small Tupperware of leftover chicken, rice and broccoli. I didn’t even smell it because I couldn’t remember the last time we’d eaten that version of the dish.

* A small block of cheddar cheese. I had already bought another one thinking I’d run out. For being small, the fridge is awfully easy to loose things in.
* Two half-finished bottles of red wine I’d put them in the fridge to save them “for cooking” after they’d been sitting out on the counter untouched for a week. Definitely ill advised because they got no better in the cold. (Ergo, they got tossed.) I hate to waste things, but oof, old wine is horrid.

What’s hiding out in the back of your fridge? To feature your fridge on UM’s Fridgin’ Out, email umamimart@gmail.com

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  • Carlos
    Posted April 17, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    Sorry about getting too drunk honey! Great post!

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