July 31, 2008

D.I.Y. Steak (San Diego)


Hi guys, this is my first post on Umami Mart. I just got back from a great vacation visiting my brother in San Diego. We went out to eat for every meal, but there is only one place that we went to twice – and that’s the Turf Supper Club.

I love this place, and my brother lives just a block away from it in beautiful Golden Hill, San Diego. At the Turf Club, you grill your own steak. Literally. You sit down at your booth (only booths at the Turf Club – it’s a classy joint), you order what kind of steak you want, and it comes to your table raw. And then you grill it on a communal grill in the middle of the room. It’s gimmicky as hell, but I love a good gimmick. And I love steak.

The vibe of this place is fantastic. Neon sign on the outside. Motorcycles and old cars parked out front. Dark lighting, a big bar with big pours from the friendly bartenders, pompadours, leather booths. It has a real 50’s speakeasy vibe, not forced at all, just cool. They got a really great jukebox, but if you go on a Sunday night, they have an old guy at the piano with a big mustache named Richard Johnson. Richard Johnson sings old favorites like Sinatra, but then whips out some Johnny Cash too.

Anyway, the steaks are really well seasoned. It’s up to you to do the grilling. It’s a great way to chat it up with your fellow patrons as you all stand around the grill. I love the ribeye but my brother swears by the beef and veggie kabobs. The menu offers some helpful tips on grilling. Just touch the steak with the spatula. Rare steak will feel like your cheek, med rare will feel like your nose, medium will feel like your chin, and well done will feel like the bottom of your shoe. So grab a drink – martinis are cheap, tasty, and stiff – and order a steak and grill it up how you like it. Maybe Richard Johnson will serenade you with his tounge-in-cheek version of “I Did It My Way.”

Turf Supper Club
1116 25th St
San Diego, CA 92102
T: 619.234.6363


  • kayoko
    Posted August 1, 2008 at 7:03 am

    PJS- love the neon sign. love the grill chillin in the middle of the room. and would def love Richard Johnson. my bff is in SD so i will def go here the next time i visit her.

    awesome- what a gem of a place!!!

    OF COURSE steak well done tastes like the bottom of your shoe- what would you expect???


  • maryanne
    Posted August 17, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    is it 18 and up only?

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