March 18, 2007

I Heart 360 (NYC)

by Kayoko Akabori
located at 360 Van Brunt (get it?) in Red Hook, 360 is one of my very favorite restaurants in NYC. i would call it american nouvelle with french flair– their head chef always gets really creative with flavors and textures, without going molecular, or overboard on yo ass. they change their menus everyday, so you are guaranteed the freshest ingredients. at $25 for a 3-course prix-fixe (it was $40 total per person after a bottle of wine and tip! WOW!), it’s both bargain AND delicious. happy belated birthday, Shirley…

Terrine de betteraves au gorgonzola, amandes fumes et cresson
Beets and gorgonzola terrine with smoked almonds and watercress


Roulade de poulet fermier aux champignons et roquette
Roasted chicken “galantine” stuffed with mushrooms, arugula and bulghur wheat, radish salad


Aile de raie poelee sur l’os, salsifis, lentilles et pousses de pois
Sauteed skatefish on the bone with salsifi ribbons, lentils and pea greens


Poule fermier poche a la bechamel, celeri rave et carottes
Poached and stuffed chicken breast with pork sausage, buttermilk biscuit, celery root and carrots


Spaetzle au canard confit, sauce cidre et moutarde
Sauteed spaetzle with duck leg confit, apple cider and mustard reduction


Chocolate brownie cale

Lemon parfait


Pot de creme au chocolat blanc


each object, every detail of the interior, down to the numbers “360” drilled into the drain of the bathroom floor, is carefully curated and considered. take a look at the exit sign! awesome.


footnote: don’t forget to go to Fairway while you’re in the neighborhood!


  • ayagwa
    Posted March 18, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    DUDE NICE PHOTOS. Food porn quality. Wanna go there.

  • shirley
    Posted March 18, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    360 is fantastic from the moment you walk in. The atmosphere is warm, casual, and unpretentious. Thanks Kayoko & Lynn for the birthday treat. Can’t wait to go back!

  • tmonkey
    Posted March 18, 2007 at 7:12 pm

    I remember going to 360 about a year ago or so. It was good as I recall, but it certainly didn’t look as good as this! They must have been running frantically in the back like “OMG Umamimart is here! Umamimart is here! ” That seriously looked like a great deal.

  • kayoko
    Posted March 18, 2007 at 7:24 pm

    i’ve been there 3 times in the last 4 months. whoa. i just like it THAT MUCH. and seriously, that white chocolate creme pudding with the homemade mint ice cream was like crack. you just never want it to end.

    make sure to make a reservation- it can get pretty packed very quickly!


  • Anonymous
    Posted March 18, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    Hey there… awesome photos… will go there as soon as I can… just a quick note, excuse the pedantry, it’s a chicken Galantine… not “B”

  • kayoko
    Posted March 18, 2007 at 8:10 pm

    ah, my failure at french will never seize to haunt me… thank you!

  • Sonja
    Posted December 20, 2007 at 10:40 pm

    It closed?! I went there about two years (??) ago but I didn’t think it was so good…I remember getting some “Thai style” mussels that tasted bizarre. How come you got beet and gorgonzola terrine!!!

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